Stocking up

The company stocks up through direct staff and also through a suitable number of suppliers of the island  and continental, with multi-year experience in handling and stocking up biomasses.


The production of local fuel from the recovery of biomass coming from cultivations, from natural woods and also from tree cultivations in general, also comes from the use of topsoils that have been previously planted for the extraction of cellulose and that reached that maximum level of maturity, therefore with no other possibilities to be exploited in the local wood market.

Moreover, forestation activities featuring eucalyptus trees and transitional species (Mediterranean pines) are carried out on the agricultural lands of affiliated companies, thus allowing the development of permanent autochthonous species (Holm-oaks and cork trees).
These type of uses are boosting the development of the local forest sector and entrepreneurial class, that was practically inexistent until today.
Advanced means and machinery are used for this type of activities in the various work phases, from cutting to logging to chipping that, in addition to rationalize the production, allow raising the quality and safety standards in work places.


When suppliers are not directly organised with proper transport means, transport and logistic operations take place through specialized companies that have invested in the project, purchasing the most suitable machinery to handle biomass, with a low volume weight (in average approx. 300 kg/ Cubic mt), therefore by purchasing means with large volumetric capacities (between 80 and 100 cubic metres) and equipped with particular unloading systems like roll-off systems and moving platforms.


Moreover, the group stocks up abroad, purchasing olive residues with and without seed, specific cultivations, palm kernel and almond shells (PKS).