Production of Electric Energy

Sardinia Bio Energy began the construction of the 13.3 MW power plant based on biomass combustion in January 2008, terminating the works with the first electric parallel- grid in October 2009.

The plant is divided in the following main sections:

  • Input biomass management area, with receipt and storage of the product on an area of 2.5 hectares.
  • Biomass loading section in boiler, consisting of a system with two ‘’moving-floor’’ storage pits, able to mix the biomass and send through redler conveyor system, to the boiler’s combustion chamber.
  • Nominal electric power: 13.2 MWe
  • Boiler’s nominal thermal power: 49.5 MWt
  • Annual power production: approx. 100,000 MWh
  • Annual nominal consumption of fuel: 120,000-140,000 tons/ year
  • Reference fuel’s calorific value: 2,800 kcal/kg

The production system complies with the specifications contained in ‘’Chapter 09 – Energy potential of biomasses in Sardinia’’, volume II of the Regional energy Plan updated in 2002, which identifies the area of Medio Campidano, as one of the nine biomass extraction basins for stocking up woods for energy purposes.

Production system

The system was designed to ensure utmost respect of the environment, limiting the emissions and the proper introduction within the territorial agricultural context of Mediocampidano.
The plant is managed through a high degree of automation and outsourcing of all the operations foreseen for the normal operating sequences including start-ups and inactivity periods.
The activities concerning the receipt and handling of fuel with storage of the biomass in form of chips and logs, are also directly related to the plant’s operation.

The employment spin-offs generated by the Group on the Sardinian territory can be quantified to be equal to 190 jobs, 40 of which offered directly.

The staff employed in the various forests also monitors the territory to ensure the woods remain clean and to limit damages caused by events like fires.