Since 2019, the Group, with the Sardinia Solar Energy division, has begun the activity of developing plants for the production of electricity from solar sources located in the territory of the Sardinia Region in order to obtain authorizations for the construction and operation of the plants in question . From the point of view of solar radiation, the Sardinia region represents one of the regions with the areas with the highest energy efficiency coefficient for solar plants (1,400-1,500 KW/KWp).

In 2021, the Group obtained authorization for the first project for an installed capacity of 45 MWp. To date, the pipeline of projects awaiting authorization is estimated at approximately 104 MWp for a total annual production expected when fully operational of 156 GWh corresponding to a CO2 saving of 81,000 tons/year.

The Group has recently strengthened its workforce with professionalism with proven experience in the development of RES plants, EPC (engineering / procurement / construction) and finding adequate sources of financing to guarantee the realization of the investment plan.

The entry into operation of the first solar-powered plant is expected at the end of 2023.

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